GOLD Solutions Limited

GOLD Solutions Limited is focused on reducing fluid consumption, optimizing lubricant delivery, and extending equipment life. This can be accomplished progressively by implementing solutions that show a return on investment. Ultimately, these improvement will reduce operational costs and improve the bottom line.

GOLD works specifically on assigned projects. We establish a relationship specific to each customer, gather pertinent data and make recommendations based on the application. We engineer a complete packaged solution and generate client specific documentation.

The benefit of doing business with GOLD is our value added expertise regarding lubrication and lubrication systems. Client inquires about systems, lubricants, implementation, integration, installation, return on investment tracking, and updates can all be handled directly by GOLD Solutions Limited.

GOLD Partnership


A strategic alliance with select companies allows GOLD to service a wide range of clients through an existing network. As an established preferred vendor,GOLD has relationships and continued contact within the plants. Addressing the client's need for lubrication and having GOLD as a resource to fulfill that need is what generates the value add. Allowing GOLD to specifically produce a solution for the client and help the client track return on investments is the value GOLD brings to partners.